Your brand
is exactly as good as
your customer perceives it.

What we do


In today’s fast changing world, where do you put your priorities, where do you spend your budget, what should you do now to be future proof? What does your audience want? What are their expectations and their journey?

“We, at Reflection Marketing help you navigate the complex marketing challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Our approach is always to provide you with the perspective of your target groups, giving you more competitive advantage and focus on what really matters. Pragmatic, integrated and implementable, we design solutions that work for you and your team.


Of consumers said they purchased the brand’s product or service after an event at a later date


Of B2b marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy


CEO’s believe that their company delivers a superior customer service experience. But only 8% of their customers agree.

Our services

We support leading brands and events in defining, developing and monitoring their marketing efforts. Our approach is always to reflect your target groups to give you the essential outside perspective to achieve marketing excellence



Does your offer meet the needs of your target group?
Do you focus on the right marketing tools?
Is your budget appropriately spent?

We provide tailor-made answers thanks to our tools and years of expertise.

strategy for brands


Does your sponsoring strategy support the goals of your brand?
How can you evaluate the true value of your sponsoring portfolio?
Do you focus on the right sponsoring themes and platforms?
How can you activate and leverage on your sponsoring activitites?

Our unique methodology provides objective answers and guidance for all your sponsoring challenges.

strategy for events and sport associations


How can you monitor and develop the value of your event?
How can you maximize the commercial potential of your property?
Are your packages attractive enough for sponsors?
Which innovative rights and benefits could be offered?

With us, you will reach your event’s full potential with your customer journey in sight.

Pascal Kreder

Managing Director

Nadja Britschgi

Project Coordinator

Sebastian Klingler


Jobs opportunities


Marine Hamou

Director West Switzerland

Thomas Egli

Head Consulting

Stefanie Dubs

Project Coordinator

David Jaeger


Aline Rousseau

Project Coordinator

Jeannine Studer


Lilian Cruz

Senior Consultant

Frank Hakenjos

New Business Manager

Nadina Brazerol

Project Coordinator

Our references

30 of the 50 Swiss leading brands have chosen to work with us in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Banking
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  • Aviation
  • Watches
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  • FMCG

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